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OEM Exports


Megatherm is a flexible company which manufactures customized wood pellet burners depending on our partner’s needs. Our partners can be boiler manufacturers who might need special specifications for the products, or they can be heating systems supplier.
The biggest advantage of our partners using our products under their brand is that our big experience and the quality of the products, give them a reliable product without really investing money and time. We share all the knowledge we got with our partners and we really try to satisfy their requirements.


The biggest success of Megatherm the last few years is that exporting its products in more than 15 countries, either under the Megatherm brand or the customer’s brand. It is important to mention that companies from all over the Europe and especially from central and northern Europe trust Megatherm’s products. This success of the company is based both on the quality products that manufactures with good prices and on the excellent service.
The biggest benefit of exporting is that the people of Megatherm gain new knowledge and experience. Going international creates valuable ideas and information about new technologies, new marketing techniques and foreign competitors.
Few of the countries Megatherm exporting the products are: Filnland, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, Croatia Romania, Germany Bulgaria, Portugal, Netherlands, Italia, etc..

The last few years, greenhouse equipment machinery made by Megatherm is exported mainly to Balkan Countries


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