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Wood pellet burner MPB 60, 25-60kW

Code: MPB 60

  • Ideal for private houses, for small & medium buildings, bakery ovens, driers, etc..
  • Double wall fire tube (tube-in-tube) made by high heat resistance stainless steel of 3 & 5mm thickness
  • Made by high quality material
  • Low installation and maintenance cost
  • Automatic ignition
  • Controls the temperature of the boiler/furnace
  • Gradual increase of the burner’s power in 3 steps
  • Three ways of operation : single, continuous, analogue
  • Photosensor for controlling the fire, by measuring the flame’s density.
  • Thermostat protecting the burner of overheating and back fire
  • Connection for STB sensor, for overheating furnace/boiler
  • Detecting possible malfunction of the temperature’s sensors
  • Automatic restart of the burner after power failure
  • High combustion efficiency >95%
  • Low emissions CO, NOx.
  • The controller is separated from the burner for increased safety
  • High quality connector connecting controller with the burner

New features

  • Self cleaning system with compressed air system
  • SMS alarm system

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