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Sulfurator L 316

Code: L 316

Megatherm’s sulfurator, L 316, is the best suitable machine to protect and illiminate all kinds of insects and diseases of plants in greenhouses.

The sulfurator L3 16 can be applied to the following diseases and it has an excellent effect to control and prevent the growth of harmful insects. The sulfurator can be used to all the kinds of cultivation.

Applied diseases: Powedery mildew, downy mildew, anthracnose, dust mold, germs & mildews, moth and all kinds of insect’s egg

Advantages of the sulfurator L3 16:

  1. It targets diseases and insects
  2. Biological and ecological protection of the plants
  3. Does not have any affect to the environment
  4. Does not polute the soil
  5. Does not affect the plants and the human
  6. Reduces the chemicals
  7. Reduces the cost
  8. Protects the farmer and the consumer.
  9. No need of electrical supply
  10. Very short time of the application


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