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Recirculation Fans

Code: CF

Plants are developing better when the air is recycling, and the humidity which is the main cause of plant illnesses, is evaporating. As a result the surface of the leaves remain healthy and the plant is growing, without being aggravated by the standing CO2

With the utilization of Megatherm’s CF series recirculation fans the farmer can achieve an ideal climatic condition inside the greenhouse, with low cost and environmental friendly method. The Megatherm’s CF recirculation fans spread the air horizontally from the one end of the greenhouse to the other achieving remarkable and effective results.

Which are the benefits of Megatherm’s Recirculation Fans?

  1. The installation cost is much lower compared to other systems
  2. It requires low maintenance
  3. Temperature in the greenhouse is distributed evenly and uniformly
  4. It decreases the loss of temperature, as it does not permit the creation of a hot layer in the upper zone of the greenhouse
  5. It reduces the humidity rates inside the greenhouse, reducing together the plant’s insects and diseases which are caused by augmented humidity
  6. It decreases the water vapours concentration of the leaves, therefore helping in the reduction of insects and diseases of plants in greenhouse
  7. Facilitates the uniform distribution of the fertilizers during LVM Spraying process
  8. Assists to the fully utilization of the CO2 by the plants
  9. It does not require a special system for the distribution of the CO2
  10. The temperature of the leaves is almost the same with the temperature of the air


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